Nordson History

Nordson Corporation delivers precision technology solutions to help customers succeed worldwide

Nordson Corporation was founded in 1954 in Ohio, USA. The predecessor of the Nordson Corporation was the American company Automatic Co., which already in 1908th specialized in mass production of screw machine parts for the automotive industry. In 1935th, under the direction of Walter G. Nord, partnership was reorganized into a corporation and shifted its production emphasis to the production of high-precision parts and equipment. In 1950s Nordson patented method of “hot airless” spraying of paints and other coating materials.

In the mid 1960s, Nordson pioneered the technology and equipment for applying powder coatings with the development of the compact and efficient cartridge-type recovery/recycle systems. In the same 1960s, based on the mentioned “hot airless” spraying method, Nordson developed the equipment for applying thermoplastic adhesives, commonly called “hot melts”, for gluing cardboard boxes.

Subsequently, through the creation of new adhesive technologies and equipment, Nordson became a leader in adhesive applications such as packaging, manufacturing disposable sanitary products, applying sealants, replacing bonding in the automotive industry, assembling electrical boards, etc.

In 1967th began operations Nordson Deutschland GmbH, based in Duesseldorf, Germany. In 1989th, the Nordson Engineering GmbH division was established on the basis of the Meltex enterprise, which designs and manufactures installations for the preparation of adhesive and systems for applying adhesive to rolled materials and stuff.

Nordson manufacturing enterprises are located in Duluth (Georgia, USA), in Amherst (Ohio, USA) and in Lueneburg (Germany). All enterprises are certified in accordance with Quality Standards Requirements DIN ISO 9001 (German standards in the industry, international organization of standards).

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